1. Nice day for a white wedding.

  2. October 4, 2013: the day 3D printing stole my heart. (at Re:Make 2013)

  3. Urban oasis. (at Oriental Garden)

  4. I’ll get on board with that. (at Leila Heller Gallery)

  5. @openingceremony killing the #nyfw game, turning a 3 avenue long pier into an epic dance party. (at Super Pier)

  6. Let’s just pretend the word postcard derived from Positano. (at Positano)

  7. Before we jumped. #nofilter

  8. CAPRI ME ☀⚓⛵ (at Capri)

  9. "Sex and the City," the Roman version. Props on the Peroni. (at Cacio e Pepe)

  10. Neptune’s territory. (at Fontana di Trevi)